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Scarecrows (1988)

  Tags: 80's, B.J. Turner, blood, David James Campbell, gore, Kristina Sanborn, Michael David Simms, Richard Vidan, scarecrows, Ted Vernon, underrated, Victoria Christian, William Wesley

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William Wesley
83 minutes
Ted Vernon, Michael David Simms, Richard Vidan, Kristina Sanborn, Victoria Christian, David James Campbell, B.J. Turner

Let’s not get this movie mixed up with the recent direct-to-video crap-fest with the cartoony flashy cover that you might remember passing by at your local video store. Nope, this baby is an underrated out-of-print 80's cult scarecrow flick that goes for a pretty penny at online auction sites like Amazon or Ebay. Why? Well because it's a cool flick, that's why! And the uncut/unrated version is VERY hard to come by, but it's also the version you have to see if you do watch this.

The story is basically about a group of skilled men who just pulled off a big heist and are on a plane with a father-daughter crew, who they've captured and are forcing to fly to Mexico where they'll live as rich as thieves! Sadly, the plan goes awry when one of the greedy members of the group parachutes his ass outta there with the money; landing in a small swamp-like farm in the middle of the night. Now they have to make an unfortunate stop at the farmhouse and search for their traitorous comrade before he makes way with all the loot. Of course they had no idea that they would not only deal with him, but also the three family of killer scarecrows that like to turn their victims into mindless scarecrows themselves. Oooo, cool!

Yes, the plot is pretty simple, but honestly sometimes all it takes to make a cool horror movie is good characters and creative villains and deaths. In this movie we see some creepy-lookin' scarecrows that, once they get a hold of you, will turn your ass into one of them and make you trick others into thinking you're okay, then strike at the closest opportunity! If you get a hold of the uncut version you'll have the pleasure of viewing some pretty nifty gore scenes/deaths. Another thing I liked about this flick would have to be the men who pulled off the heist -- each had their own characteristic and it was obvious that they had to have some military background and experience with weapons, so we're not dealing with the usual punk teenagers or college dumbasses here. This is a little gem that I think horror fans will get a kick out of.

Sadly, the movie is only available on VHS, except for some people on eBay selling copies on DVD, which are most likely copies of the laserdisc editions, since the movie was never officially released on DVD. It's unlikely this will ever get a re-release since (I believe) the company that owns the rights to it are R.I.P. now. Then again, you never know.

An underrated scarecrow flick. Simple plot with good gore and cool characters. Worth a check if you wanna see a sweet scarecrow movie, but be sure to get your hands on the Uncut version if you wanna see all the gore.

Posted on July 11, 2009 - 3:25am | FrighT MasteR