Seed of Chucky (2004)

June 5, 2010 - 11:08pm | FrighT MasteR
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Don Mancini
Jennifer Tilly, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters, Keith-Lee Castle, Redman, Steve Lawton, Tony Gardner, Jason Flemyng

There was once a time when the infamous doll Chucky was a scary horror icon. I remember growing up fearing the doll was hiding under my bed; ready to strike at any moment. Times have changed and obviously so have the movies. It was obvious in the third film that the doll was losing its scare-factor and with its lack of box office $$ it was once thought to be the final installment in the series.

Seven years later the doll returned, but this time with a Bride and a new twist in the same-old story. In Bride of Chucky writer Don Mancini and director Ronny Yu went towards a more comedic route and spoofed not only itself, but a number of the horror films. I personally thought the new twist in the series was an interesting and fairly enjoyable one.

The film ended with a cliffhanger after Tiffany (Chucky's "bride") gave birth to what seemed to be some sort of sharp-toothed little doll-creature. It was obviously apparent from that silly ending that another sequel was on the way. Thus, Seed of Chucky was (inserts witty pun here) "born" (bwaahahahaha!) six-years later. In this film writer Don Mancini goes behind the camera to direct his first feature film.

The movie obviously attempted to bring back the spoofing humor that Bride had, but with even more comedic undertones. Hell, it even spoofed actress Jennifer Tilly, who does the voice of Chucky's bride Tiffany. I figured that since I enjoyed Bride that I would also enjoy this movie -- wrong. This movie not only seemed to be thrown together with little talent behind it, but most of the spoofs ended up being total flops. Sure there were some funny moments, but I think it was an overall disappointment.

The look of "Glen" or "Glenda" which is the gender-confused offspring of the two murderous dolls is shown early in the film; and what an odd-looking doll it is. It looked like it was taken straight from an 80's rock video. So let’s go over the "story" and how Chucky once again returns from the dead. In this movie the offspring "grows up" as an attraction in a traveling ventriloquist act. The doll knows nothing of its parents until one day it watches the news and notices a report on the notorious chucky doll and spots a "made in Japan" marking in the footage.

The marking also happens to be on the offspring, so naturally it means they're related right? Well anyway, Chucky and Tiffany are both rebuilt as model-replicates of the old look of the dolls from Bride. Apparently Hollywood (of course) is making a movie about the two killer dolls. The kid somehow makes its way to Hollywood and onto the set of the film and resurrects the two dolls using his old pendant that was the only token from his parents. *yawn*.

It really seems as though writer Don Mancini threw this script together in 10 minutes, because it's as though there's no actual thought process behind it what-so-ever. Aside from the gore; some funny scenes; and a gratuitous amount of cleavage from actress Jennifer Tilly; the movie really isn't very good. I really hope this is the last installment in the series, because I honestly don't think there's any more killing left in Chucky. R.I.P. Chuckster -- I'll always remember those late nights laying wide awake, hoping you'd never find a way into my room.

Fans of the series will seriously be disappointed in this. I personally thought Bride was a better and more entertaining film. Worth a check if you're into Chucky, but don't expect much at all.

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