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Suck (2009)

  Tags: Alex Lifeson, Alice Cooper, Capri Films, Carol Pope, Chris Ratz, comedic, Dave Foley, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Jessica Pare, Malcolm McDowell, Mike Lobel, Moby, Paul Anthony, Rob Stefaniuk, rock 'n roll, Suck, vamps

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Rob Stefaniuk
91 minutes
Malcolm McDowell, Jessica Pare, Dave Foley, Moby, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Alex Lifeson, Henry Rollins, Carol Pope, Chris Ratz, Mike Lobel, Paul Anthony

With the genre's recent surge of vampire films, it's hard to find something actually good among all the crap. The recent Canadian-based vamp flick Suck, luckily doesn't fall into the crap-side of things and despite its name, does not suck.

The film follows a underperforming rock band, ironically named "The Winners" that travels from one small town-bar after another, until they strike it big after their female bass player leaves with a strange man named "Queeny" one night, only to return the next day a new woman (or vampire).

It's not long before the band discovers new found fame, especially after they play on the vampire-angle, and of course, it helps that the female bass player puts the audience under a trance, thanks to her new vamptastic powers. Now the only problem the band faces is how not to succumb to the thirst and drink human blood...

The blood-suckin' rock-comedy features a number of musicians that offer fun little cameos throughout the pic, namely Moby, who plays a hardcore metal singer named "Beef", and of course Alice Cooper as the devious bartender/ancient vampire, and Dimitri Coats as "Queeny", who plays a surprisingly wicked lookin' blood-sucker.

Henry Rollins also has a cameo as the outspoken disc-jockey and comedian Dave Foley plays the band's agent. Genre-vet Malcolm McDowell co-stars as Eddie Van Helsing, a eye-patch wearin' vampire-slayer with a grudge against Queeny, who killed the woman he loved decades prior.

Unlike the recent horrible Vampires Suck spoof, the comedy in this film actually works, delivering a lot of chuckles and a few laugh-out-loud moments for me. I'm also normally not a fan of flicks that offers musical sequences, especially when characters randomly burst out into song, but the ones in this pic work considering they're a rock band and the songs aren't all that bad to begin with.

The movie is, of course, not without its faults -- a majority of the flick consists of traveling to one bar after the other, even after they get vamped, which does get a bit repetitive after a while. Then towards the end of the flick the group (much like the viewer) gets a little tired of the same-old and decides to finally end the charade and go after the vamp that started it all -- Queeny.

Despite the film's title, the movie does not Suck, and as a comedy, delivers some surprisingly good chuckles and laugh-out-loud moments (for me anyway). There's a decent amount of blood, but not much as far as gore goes. Never-the-less, Suck is a nice addition to the recent surge of crappy vampire flicks. Worth a check if you're lookin' for a fun horror comedy with a rock twist.

Posted on August 28, 2010 - 6:43pm | FrighT MasteR