Neil Marshall

Burst 3D

A young woman running from her troubles finds herself stranded at a lodge with a group of strangers. One after another, they inexplicably begin to burst into pieces. Shock quickly descends into paranoia as nobody knows who to trust.

Ghost of Slaughterford

A novelist trying to cope with the loss of her husband seeks inspiration for her next novel and travels to the remote town of Slaughterford.

Hell Fest

College student NATALIE (Forsyth) is visiting her childhood best friend BROOKE (Edwards) and her roommate TAYLOR (Taylor-Klaus).


Revolves around Hellboy and his ragtag team of paranormal researchers squaring off against a medieval sorceress who seeks to destroy humankind.


No official plot yet, but the film will be set during the Gold Rush in the Old West, and offer a gritty period-piece and center around isolation and paranoia.

Tales of Halloween (2015)

The Descent (2005)


Revolves around an ambitious young chef who ventures into the scary underground world of extreme gourmet supper clubs.