A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

With its mess of a script, wasted potential, and questionable effects work, the new Nightmare on Elm Street is...


April Fools Day (2008)

The film offers no redeeming values, except for maybe some of the female eye-candy from the lead actresses. There...


Black Christmas (2006)

Yet another pointless remake that's nothing more than a bunch of pretty girls getting killed. Instead of...


Cabin Fever (2016)

Cabin Fever proves to be a worthless remake for anyone who already saw the first, as the filmmakers opted to use...


Carrie (2013)

While Carrie is a fairly pointless remake, it's still far from being a bad film. The pacing is solid and it...

Cold Prey
In Development
No official plot yet, but the original followed a group of friends who decide to ski out of bounds and are forced...


Come Out and Play (2012)

Simply put, if you've seen the original film that this is based on then I'd advise skipping this, as it...


Day of the Dead (2008)

Almost completely different from the original film in every aspect. Gore, acting, and story-wise, this forgettable...


Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

Even though the narrative is culled from different horror clichés, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark somehow works. It’...


Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead isn't the "terrifying" movie that it claims to be (in fact it'll probably go down as...


Fright Night (2011)

Fright Night could've been a pointless carbon copy of the original, but instead, turned out to be a...


Halloween (2007)

So, is this a good movie? Yes, it is, but is it a good remake? No, it isn't. I saw this film for what it was...


I Am Legend (2007)

This was a good film that had potential of being a great film had it not been for the horrible CGI creatures....


Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

If the filmmakers aimed to make a terrible movie then, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! What was once a flawed, but fun...

Little Shop of Horrors
In Development
A remake of the Roger Corman-directed 1960 low-budget movie about a clumsy young man who raises a plant, discovers...


Maniac (2012)

Maniac excels in certain aspects that the original didn't and at the same time delivers a very violent and...


Mother's Day (2010)

The flick was fairly violent and bloody when the scenes called for it and offered some decent tense parts that...


My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

My Bloody Valentine 3D is not only a successful remake, but an overall great slasher and throwback to the 80'...


Night of the Demons (2009)

The NotDemons remake doesn't really improve on the original as much as it could have and ends up with its own...


Piranha 3D (2010)

Forget about Iron Man, Salt, The A-Team, or whatever else recent disappointment that comes to mind. Piranha 3D is...


Poltergeist (2015)

Next to being more family oriented (and not scary at all), this Poltergeist remake proved to be yet another...


Prom Night (2008)

Prom Night brings unoriginality to new levels, from its premise to its scares; the movie offers no redeeming...


Shutter (2008)

Not only does the story remain almost exactly the same (with the change from Thailand to Japan), but the scares as...


Silent Night (2012)

Silent Night won’t exactly win over any slasher film naysayers, but it accomplishes what it set out to do and...


The Crazies (2010)

With plot holes and cheap jump scares, The Crazies is far from a perfect film. But as far as sheer entertainment...

The Echo poster

The Echo (2008)

Creepy ghost story with a suspenseful atmosphere. The Echo definitely surpasses the original in every single...


The Eye (2008)

I didn't care for the characters, the scares didn't work, and I was bored the entire time since I knew...


The Fog (2005)

A pointless remake that offers zero scares and less Maggie Grace than I would have liked. Stick to the original.

The Howling
In Development
No official plot yet, but the original revolved around a television newswoman that is sent to a remote mountain...


The Howling: Reborn (2011)

Almost entirely void of any actual "horror", The Howling: Reborn is simply an obvious cash-in on a...




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