BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2010)

Ghosts of War

Follows five battle-hardened U.S. soldiers assigned to hold a French Chateau as WWII is nearing an end.

I Am Legion

The story follows British Special Ops commandos and Romanian resistance fighters, as they battle against Nazis that are using a young vampire child to spawn an unstoppable army of evil.

Outpost: Black Sun (2012)


The story follows two paratroopers who are caught behind enemy lines after their plane crashes on a mission to destroy a German Radio Tower in a small town outside of Normandy during the D-Day invasion.

The 4th Reich

During the early hours of June 6th 1944 a bloody but victorious offensive took place in occupied Western Europe that would claim thousands of lives.

The Bleeding

An American spy on assignment in Romania stumbles upon a dark secret that the inhabitants of the region have hidden for centuries.

The Bunker: The Evil is Within (2002)

The Watch

The story revolves around a team of highly skilled soldiers sent to blow up a Nazi fuel depot, only to discover they are being hunted by an evil spirit unleashed by the Nazi's secret occult experiments.


Set towards the end of World War II in December 1944. During a blizzard, an elite military unit headed by Lt. Fredrick Hank (Christensen), is dropped behind enemy lines in the mountains of Poland to destroy a secret Nazi weapons facility.