8 O’Clock in the Morning
In Development
The story is about a man who awakens one morning with the crystal-clear realization that we are surrounded daily...

A Quiet Place 2
In Development
No official plot yet, but the first film followed a family living on a farm in a post-apoc world where blind alien...


Alien Raiders (2009)

Alien Raiders was a surprisingly entertaining and above-average sci-fi horror flick. Though the story borrows from...


Altered (2006)

A surprisingly decent and original film with a nice mix of both the sci-fi and horror genres. A little slow in...


Attack the Block (2011)

Attack the Block is a fun ride from the start, delivering a successful teen-driven comedic creature feature that...


Dark Skies (2013)

Dark Skies takes your standard haunted house tale and replaces the ghosts with aliens, and it works for the most...

Dead Space
In Development
Set in the 26th century in deep space, where an engineer who responds to a distress signal from a mining ship...


Demonwarp (1988)

A fine example of typical contrived 80's horror cheese that attempts to blend several sub-genres together in...


District 9 (2009)

Despite and over explanatory beginning and some heavy handed messages, this is a well crafted thriller mixed with...


Evil Aliens (2005)

This is low-budget filming at its finest; filled with blood, guts, laughter, and fun characters, this movie should...


Grabbers (2012)

This is an all-around fun creature feature that offers some decent comedy, silly characters, and above-average CG...

Humpty Dumpty
Development Hell
Two backwoods brothers, Petus and Pervis Brakk, ambush a landing party of extraterrestrial beings on their...

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
In Development
No official plot yet, but this is yet another remake of the 1954 Jack Finney novel, The Body Snatchers.


Monsters (2010)

Monsters is further proof that you don't necessarily need a big budget or lots of special effects to deliver...


Night of the Creeps (1986)

Made by a horror fan for horror fans, Night of the Creeps is a fun, scary, and most importantly, entertaining mid-...


Nightwish (1989)

A boring and uneventful 80's effort that suffers from both an identity and a proper script. Don't bother...


Pitch Black (2000)

A great modern sci-fi/horror flick and another personal favorite of mine, Pitch Black offers some striking visuals...


Predators (2010)

Predators is the sequel fans have been waiting twenty years for. It’s energetically violent, action packed, and...


Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus is an enjoyable and intriguing film that's reminiscent of earlier sci-fi pics that focused more on...

Awaiting Release
While making a web-series mocking their quaint small town, three high school kids slowly discover that their...


Riddick (2013)

Although not as powerful as the first, this sequel is definitely an improvement over Chronicles. It was great...

Starship Troopers
In Development
No official plot yet, but the film is based on the sci-fi war novel by Robert A. Heinlein that told the military...

The Blob
In Development
When a band of miners uncover something hidden deep beneath the earth they unwittingly unleash a hideous creature...


The Falling (1987)

The Falling is a cheesy 80's flick that would've been a fun ride had the filmmakers not been so scared...


The Last Days on Mars (2013)

The Last Days on Mars turned out to be a well made sci-fi thriller; featuring solid actors and above average...

The Nye Incidents
In Development
Set in the world of alien abductees, the Devil Due’s comic centers on a seen-it-all and logical medical examiner...

The Substitute
In Development
Revolves around a terrified sixth-grade class as the students race to reveal to their parents that their new...


The Thing (2011)

Despite its many faults and not being as smart or as creepy as Carpenter's movie, this prequel still managed...

The Tommyknockers
In Development
The original story "follows a town in Maine that falls under the influence of a dangerous gas from an...


The Warning (1980)

A surprisingly decent 80's scifi-horror flick with a solid cast and an interesting story. Worth a check if...




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