ATM (2012)

March 4, 2012 - 8:20pm | FrighT MasteR
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David Brooks
Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck, Alice Eve

It's hard to properly write and execute a good film when it's centered around only a few characters in one location and ATM is no different, in fact, it's pretty much what you'd expect it to be -- from the idiotic characters making many illogical decisions, to the killer having little-to-no motive for everything that transpired. As interesting as it managed to be, you'd have to really ignore all the holes in the script to enjoy this.

The "story" focuses on a few co-workers as they head home during the holidays, but make a quick stop at a nearby ATM first, so one of'em can get some cash and grab a bite to eat. Naturally it takes three people to withdraw from an ATM, so they all crowd around the machine and as they're about to leave they spot a large creeper in a coat standing in the distance between them and the parked car. Their fears of being robbed turn for the worst when they witness the mystery man violently murder a passerby, who was simply walking his dog. Now the trio are tripped within the confines of the ATM, while the coated man on the outside tries to flush them out.

The biggest issue I had with the film was also the only reason why their predicament was so dire from the start -- despite the fact that it's freezing outside and that the parking lot was void of cars, the driver decides to park several lanes away from the ATM itself, forcing them to walk a short distance to the machine. This makes it more difficult for the victims to reach the car in time before the killer gets to them (we assume), but of course had they not done such a foolish thing from the start we'd probably have no movie.

There are a lot of other small issues with the characters themselves and the decisions they make, like why don't they try to rush the killer (3 against 1?) or attempt to flee in one of the many occasions when he's busy doing something behind the ATM. I suppose we can just pass all those off as cowardice, but either way, you'll likely find yourself questioning 'why' throughout several scenes in the movie. Aside from looking like he just straight walked off the set of 1998's Urban Legend, the killer wasn't very menacing. Sure he appeared big, but he didn't really do much more than stand there and look aimlessly at the leads in many scenes, especially early on where he didn't even have a weapon.

ATM is every bit as you'd expect it to be when you center a movie around just a few characters in a small confined space. We're given all sorts of illogical behavior to keep these leads in one setting and the killer himself wasn't anything more than a big asshole in a coat blocking them from getting back into their car. I'd advise skipping this one.

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