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Deadly Dreams (1988)

  Tags: 80's, 80's slasher, Deadly Dreams, Kristine Peterson

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Kristine Peterson
79 minutes
Mitchell Anderson, Juliette Cummins, Xander Berkeley, Thom Babbes

Got this film from a friend of mine, knowing really nothing about it. It didn't sound like anything special from reading the plot, so I didn't expect much when I watched it. It starts off around Christmas when a boy is begging his parents to let him open a present early. Not-soon-after a man with a gun and a wolf mask enters the house and kills both parents and tells the boy to run away. Fast-forward some years and the boy is grown, but still has dreams about the event. Eventually they get worse and worse until things start to become real.

The movie is pretty slow and dull. Not much goes on except for a lot of moments when the guy wakes up from another bad dream. All the lame dream sequences in the film were very annoying, because when things happen in the film, you question whether it's really happening or if it's another dumbass dream. The flick doesn't really pick up until towards the end when he starts to really think he's going crazy. The directing is decent and the acting isn't too bad, but I thought the lead guy's character wasn't believable enough. The mask the killer wore in the film was pretty stupid-looking too; just look at the cover. I would have given the movie a lower-rating, but I thought the twist towards the end, although predictable, was still pretty cool. Other than that it's nothing special.

Dull film with a lot of annoying dream sequences. Doesn't get interesting until towards the end. Don't bother with this.

Posted on April 13, 2011 - 2:18am | FrighT MasteR