Final Destination (2000)


This was an excellent movie. It starts off a little slow with small hints that something bad is going to happen and it just gets better from there. I loved the way they made it where you wonder who's going die next and how they're going die. The deaths in the film were very unique and each one could really happen. There's no crazed killer on the loose killing off people one by one in this film, no these deaths could happen to anybody.

Even though this film was supposed to be about Death coming back at the teens that cheated him, you never actually get to see Death. In the original script, it featured an actual Grim Reaper figure slicing and dicing his way through a teen cast, but they chose not to do it, thinking that way it wouldn't be compared to teen slashers like Scream.

I'm glad they did that because it was a lot better then when you got to see Death in The Frighteners. Don't get me wrong, he looked pretty cool in that movie, but it's just a movie's much scarier if you can't see what’s there in my opinion. It was nice to finally see a teen movie that had no sex involved in it at all. That's a rarity. It was also nice to see Tony Todd in a movie not as Candyman. He did a pretty good job playing the creepy mortician. There was a little gore in some parts of the film and nicely done special effects in some parts. I'm glad they didn't overdue it with the special effects like other horror films that I would like to remain nameless (The Haunting).

The acting was good and the film itself was pretty suspenseful. There were some parts that were meant to give the audience a quick jump in their seats and were proven successful. Not in my case though. This movie makes you think that maybe Death does have a plan for all of us and we can't escape it. Makes me wonder how I'm going die. Well anyway, the ending was a lot better than I expected. There are actually two endings for the film. The first ending was screened to an audience a while back and the makers of the film decided that the ending wasn't good enough. So, they went back and shot a different ending.

So, basically this is a pretty good movie and you'll get your money's worth. I recommend this film to everyone.
So, basically this is a pretty good movie and you'll get your money's worth. I recommend this film to everyone.