Psycho Cop 2 (1993)

August 7, 2012 - 8:22pm | FrighT MasteR
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Rif Coogan
Bobby Ray Shafer, Barbara Lee Alexander, Roderick Darin, Miles David Dougal, Nick Vallelonga, Dave Bean, John Paxton, Julie Strain, Alexandria Lakewood, Priscilla Huckleberry

I don't know whose brilliant idea was to do a sequel to the horribly cheesy film Psycho Cop, but one was delivered back in 1993 and boy is it shitty. The film sees our least favorite killer cop stalking a couple businessmen in the city, where he discovers that underneath their suit and tie lies a group of perverted party-going drunks that are looking to commit all sorts of sins during a secret late night office party. This obviously doesn't bode well for the officer and he makes his way into the work building to take care of bidniz.

As bad as the first movie was, it was at least fun and unintentionally hilarious, so I had a good time with it. This sequel, however, was just plain bad. Sure there were some really funny and dumb scenes and bits of unnecessary and poor dialogue, but the pacing for the first half was terrible. I almost gave up watching the flick before the cop even started killing anyone. The whole movie mostly just goes back and forth between the party upstairs with some strippers, a couple of people sexing it up in the fax room, and what's going on downstairs with the cop.

Naturally after killing off the solitary security guard he murders the next guy that travels downstairs and anyone else that separates from the group. It takes nearly an hour before the rest of the co-workers to realize there's even a killer on the loose. By that point it's about the remaining survivors trying to make it outta the building, but of course Psycho Cop being indestructible and everywhere at once foils their plans. As predictable as the film was, it at least offered an amusing climax, especially with the not-so-subtle social commentary with one particular scene.

Aside from the pacing issues, I found the cop's means of killing rather unimaginative compared to the first movie. Next to a silly pencil death, a fall in an elevator shaft, and an impalement by a pole of some sort, he mostly just uses a boring gun. However, the biggest issue I had was one of its male leads, who was this irritating paranoid neurotic nerd, whose annoyance is amplified by absolutely TERRIBLE acting. I don't know if the actor behind the character was trying to be serious or just didn't give a shit, but that was some of the worst acting I've EVER seen in a horror film. Not only did he overreact with everything and anything, but his screechy and whiney voice just made it even more difficult to watch. I just wanted him dead immediately.

If you thought the first Psycho Cop was "so bad, it's good" then you'll probably be saddened to find that its sequel is just plain bad. Aside from its pacing issues, we're forced to witness some of the worst acting ever seen on film, courtesy of one of the male leads. There were some amusing moments here and there, but not entirely enough to warrant a single viewing. I'd advise skipping this all together.

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