Innocent Blood (1992)

July 3, 2009 - 7:53pm | FrighT MasteR
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John Landis
Anne Parillaud, David Proval, Rocco Sisto, Chazz Palminteri, Anthony LaPaglia

I passed this movie up a bunch of times at Blockbuster in the past, but then I started hearing all this positive stuff about it, so I decided to check it out for myself. I can see why people think it's a good movie, because it's entertaining and fun. There were some good effects and sweet cameos. I liked it. I liked how the vampires in the film had these very cool glowing colored eyes. It's a lot better than your traditional yellowish eyes that we see a lot in vampire movies. It was also fun to spot the cameos from various icons in the horror industry, such as directors, Dario Argento, as a paramedic and Sam Raimi as a butcher. Also we see Tom Savini as a photographer and Linnea Quigley as a nurse; very cool.

I thought the main female vampire in the film was an interesting character since she really didn't want to suck the blood of innocents, but of criminals and she sets her sights on the mob. She ends up biting the mob boss and she doesn't get to finish him off, so he doesn't turn into a vamp. He eventually does become a vamp and he turns his lackeys into vamps as well. The movie has a good mix of horror and comedy. There were a few good scares here and there -- mainly in the beginning. I recommend you watch the movie with the volume all the way up, because the scares really get you when it's up.

No real flaws in the film. The acting and directing were good. The director also did An American Werewolf In London, so he knows how to scare an audience. There's a lot of nudity in the beginning for all you guys lookin’ for some naked-action goin' on. I gave the movie a 7-rating and not anything higher, because I felt that it was a good an entertaining movie, but it lacked in gore and more action. That's not really a bad thing, because sometimes its better that way, it's just if this movie had it, it would probably be better, but I dunno.

Fun and entertaining movie. Vampires has sweet glowing eyes. Good story, recommended for all you vamp-fans out there.

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