Nightwish (1989)

December 18, 2009 - 6:55am | FrighT MasteR
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Bruce R. Cook
Jack Starrett, Artur Cybulski, Tom Dugan, Brian Thompson, Alisha Das, Elizabeth Kaitan, Clayton Rohner, Robert Tessier, Gayle Vance

Well here's an 80's flick that I remember passing by a number of times while browsing the local video store growing up. I guess the cover never really caught my attention enough to warrant a rental, but I came across it again recently and decided to finally give it that much-needed check. Now I just wish I had followed my early intuition towards potentially POS movies, because this was definitely a waste of my time.

The movie follows a group of college students who follow their professor to a secluded old house that's supposedly home to some supernatural occurrences. They're supposed to document the events that may occur while they stay there in hopes of proving the existence of ghosts or the supernatural in general. However, they begin to question what's real and what isn't when the professor decides to put the students through a series of tests.

What a waste of time. The movie was pretty slow-paced from the start, but I had high hopes that things would pick up as the group made their way to the home. Sadly little happens while they're there except for the dumbass professor playing games with the students. This not only confuses our leads into questioning what's reality and what isn't, but it also forces the viewer to do the same, and in more than one occasion. These tactics proved annoying for me, especially since it seemed like the same trick each time.

Even the characters were unlikable, most specifically that of this annoying alpha-dog character named "Dean" (played by veteran bad-guy Brian Thompson), who plays the asshole role to perfection. As the film progresses we're thrown alien sub-plots and satanic rituals, which further proved that writer/director Bruce R. Cook clearly didn't have any idea at what kind of flick he was making. Then before the credits make an appearance we're given a horribly clichéd 80's twist that will likely make you roll your eyes at the sight of it.

A boring and uneventful 80's effort that suffers from both an identity and a proper script. Don't bother with this one.

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