Blood Games (1990)

September 7, 2010 - 7:20pm | FrighT MasteR
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Tanya Rosenberg
Gregory Scott Cummins, Laura Albert, Shelley Abblett, Luke Shay, Ross Hagen, Don Dowe, Rhyve Sawyer, Julie Hall, Paula Manga, Sabrina Hills, Randi Randolph

Alternatively titled Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell (which pretty much sums up the entire movie), Blood Games is an easily forgotten backwoods survival horror flick to come out've the early 90's. The transition from the 80's was definitely a slow one, as the film displays all the stereotypes one can expect from the genre during the period. However, despite its many shortcomings, the movie itself is still a fairly decent watch on a dull day.

The story revolves around a female softball team that (for whatever reason) goes to some small hick town full of drunk rednecks more interested in copping a feel than playing a legit game. After a little mishap with the redneck leader and his son, the girls find themselves on the run from a drunk violent posse of hillbillies. Stuck in the woods, and with the nearest town several miles away, the remaining ladies decide to stand and fight against the blood-fueled hillbillies.

As expected, Blood Games doesn't necessarily offer anything we haven't already seen, but still somehow manages to keep the audience interested, whether it be a multi-girl shower scene (awesome!) or the always amusing stereotypical drunk rednecks being, well, amusing stereotypical drunk rednecks. Of course, I have a soft spot for backwoods survival horror, so I'm more inclined to like an illogical clichéd flick like this.

There's not a whole lot of eye-candy as far as gore goes, but there's at least an above average body count (on both sides), which like I always say, is a plus. First and last-time director Tanya Rosenberg must be in love with slow-motion, since its used several times throughout, mostly for unnecessary sequences, but there were a couple times where I thought it was pulled off decent, one of which involved the girls getting a jump on a few rednecks.

Blood Games doesn't give us anything we haven't already seen, and as illogical and stereotypical as the film was, I still enjoyed it to an extent. The cheese and silly situations the girls would find themselves in kept me amused. Worth a check if you're a fan of cheese and backwoods horror (like myself), otherwise you may wanna do yourself a favor and skip this.

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