Christmas Evil (1980)

September 4, 2010 - 5:51pm | FrighT MasteR
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Lewis Jackson
Brandon Maggar, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dianne Hull, Andy Fenwick, Brian Neville, Joe Jamrog

This a film that some may consider to be the definitive Christmas slasher, next to Silent Night, Deadly Night, of course. Personally I don't like either films, but I can see how some may consider this to be a cult classic. The movie really isn't all that bad, but then it isn't all that good either, especially with that silly-ass ending.

The movie is about a toy-maker who's obsessed with Christmas and Santa, and eventually takes it upon himself to become the mythical icon and spread joy to the children by handing out toys for those who deserve it, and sleighing (get it? bwahahaha!) those who've been "naughty". This movie had its moments, but a lot of the pacing was too slow for me. The movie really doesn't get goin' until towards the end when the lead character Harry, is in full costume and out wrecking havoc, then having to flee from the pissed off townspeople.

The movies incredibly low-budget ($750,000) really shows here, especially with its lack of any blood and gore, but it was worth an effort. I thought a 4-rating was best-fitting since it had its moments. I enjoyed some of the untintetionally funny moments that helped keep me awake through the duller parts of the film.

If you catch this flick be sure to keep your eye out for actress Patricia Richardson (Jill from the lame Tim Allen show Home Improvement). She'll be playing a young "naughty" boy's mother. Anther interesting fact about the flick is that the lead character/crazy Santa is played by Brandon Maggar, who also happens to be singer Fiona Apple's father. If you get this flick on Troma's DVD you'll get to see him talk about the movie as a bonus feature.

Also, apparently a couple leading ladies were turned down by writer/director Lewis Jackson to play Harry's sister-in-law. One was Kathleen Turner, but the other I forgot.I just remember it was another older known actress. Bah, who cares; just check the bonus features to find out.

A decent seasoned horror slasher. If you're into killer Santa flicks, then give this a try. It'll be worth a check around Christmas, but be sure to drink a lot of eggnog before ya watch it.

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