Daddy's Girl (1996)

July 18, 2010 - 9:44pm | FrighT MasteR
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Martin Kitrosser
William Katt, Michele Greene, Roxana Zal, Mimi Craven, Peggy McCay, Whip Hubley, Gabrielle Boni

Daddy's Girl is a little known 90's evil kid flick that I've somehow missed over the years. Being partial to the particular sub-genre, it's rare for me to find a movie that I hadn't heard of or seen before. Though the film doesn't break any new ground or offer much blood or body count, the decent writing and terrorizing lil' red-headed star delivers the right amount of charm, innocence, and deviousness to make it an above-average watch.

The story revolves around little Jody Mitchell, the young step-daughter and "daddy's girl" whose innocent smile hides her more sinister and psychopathic intentions. Especially when it comes to those that try to separate her from her new daddy; starting with the school principal, who suggests she go to a special private school to help her grades and attitude. That is, until the old lady met an untimely fate under a large bookshelf...

As I stated earlier, the movie doesn't offer anything new for the genre -- the girl still seems like a sweetheart to all those around her, especially the father, but of course (like other similar-themed films) there's always one individual whom suspects another side of her. That role falls onto the adult "niece" of the father, whom decides to randomly move into their home after her parents die. Without a job or any direction in life, she naturally starts diggin' into the past of Jody, which doesn't bode well with the little girl.

The film's predictable and clichéd, but well paced and kept my interest from the start. The Jody character is an interesting study on a troubled young girl, with no regard for human life what-so-ever. The flick could've used more deaths, but I enjoyed it otherwise. Worth a look if you're a fan of the sub-genre.

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