Pearblossom (2009)

November 16, 2009 - 12:04am | FrighT MasteR
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Ron Carlson
Scout Taylor-Compton, Sophie Monk, Patrick Renna, Danny Woodburn, Charles Napier, Marshall Manesh, Jennifer Tung, Electra Avellan, Angela Lindvall, Chris Payne Gilbert, Anya Lahiri

I thought I'd give this little low-budget pic a chance after reading the intriguing premise, but had I known it would be this bad I would have immediately skipped this wasted effort. The story begins in the late 60's and follows a couple "lipstick lesbians" in a hip swinger party, where a little mishap leaves a young playboy dead and the two girls running for their lives. While on the deserted open road they make a stop and one of them is struck down by a being of higher power (possibly God), who grants one of the girls the power to smite down all of the world's evil. However, the girl requests that her friend (Sophie Monk) may be resurrected and given the same power.

The God-like figure (in the form of a woman dressed in some see-through clothing by the way) complies with the request, but warns her that she may be her "greatest test". This obviously implies to us that the two will eventually have to fight, which could have been quite cool had they actually developed that idea better. Fast forward a bit (present day) and the two suddenly awake from their 40-year slumber, where it doesn't take long before the girlfriend (whom God warned the one girl about) decides to use her new-found powers for evil. They somehow find themselves at a small gas station where the rest of the flick sadly plays out.

This film offers some interesting ideas, but all of which are horribly executed. Lets face it -- the filmmakers didn't hire F'n models as the leads for their acting abilities, so you can't expect much as far as believable acting goes. That's actually the least of the film's problems anyway, because the pacing, editing and dialogue are all equally as horrible. At times it felt like they only hired the two women (Sophie Monk & Anya Lahiri) just so we could watch'em make out for several minutes, because we got a lot of that, especially in the beginning. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it doesn't really help develop the story or anything, which the flick was in dire need of.

Don't let names like Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween) or Angela Lindvall (Planet Terror) fool you into thinking they're in a lot of the movie, because they're not. Scout is only in the beginning and just for a few minutes, while Angela shows up towards the end and does a silly job as a stuck up daughter to a random old married couple that show up at the gas station. Speaking of which, a majority of the movie is taken place at this lone gas station, which normally I wouldn't mind, except we're given a lot of the standard cliches and more bad dialogue, which we're forced to sit through.

All negative aside, there's a decent amount of blood in parts, and there are a couple interesting scenes in the flick. I wasn't entirely bored by the pic, but I did grow tired of a few of the more dialogue-intense scenes and ended up fast-forwarding through bits and pieces. Then when you think it couldn't get anymore ridiculous we're given an abrupt and half-assed climax then an eye-rolling last few minutes.

Next to the hot leads and seemingly interesting premise, there's really not a whole lot to like about the movie. There's a decent amount of blood in parts, but not nearly worth the effort when you have to sit through such atrocious dialogue and horrible acting. Pearblossom was an interesting, but failed experiment in the genre, and unless you love plot-holes and bad acting, I'd suggest skipping this. Unless of course, you want to see hotties Sophie Monk and Anya Lahiri make out for a few minutes; in which case, I wouldn't blame you.

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