Red Velvet (2009)

July 30, 2009 - 3:09pm | Slayer
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Bruce Dickson
Henry Thomas, Kelli Garner, Cristen Coppen, Lateef Crowder

Have you ever watched a movie that when it’s immediately over, you want to watch again? That just happened to me with Red Velvet; a movie so bizarre, twisted, stylish and hilarious that I just needed to revisit again. After my second viewing I am now comfortable enough to sit down and share you with you the cinematic craziness that is Red Velvet. Essentially, Red Velvet is two movies in one; on one side we have an extremely weird romantic dramady and the other an old school 80’s horror flick. An odd coupling I know but it works perfectly for this movie.

The audience mainly follows two characters, Aaron (played by Henry Thomas who develops his character perfectly) and Linda (Kelli Garner), as they do their laundry together and create up horrible stories about people getting murdered at a birthday party. So the audience is not only treated to the pair talking about how the murders happen, if they should be bloodier or not or what the killer looks like but also seeing the story played out in right in front of their faces. That’s right we get to see the bloody fun unfold in right of our very eyes!

And I have to say Red Velvet is indeed a pleasure to look at. We are treated to some amazing lighting and camera work, a very hot naked chick, some over the top excellent kills and of course a bad ass killer. In fact, the killer in this movie is probably the most original I’ve seen in a while and steals the show every time he is on screen. Whether or not it involves his laugh out loud one liners or his zany kills that include an alligator (that’s right folks an alligator!) he is the shining star of this flick.

Visually the movie feels like a live action comic book, almost exactly like Creepshow does. Like Creepshow, it never takes itself too seriously. This movie knows all of the obligatory horror rules but takes them and twists them into something new and fresh. You can tell the filmmakers wanted to pay homage to 80’s horror but wanted do so in a way that people haven’t really seen before and  believe me they pulled it off quite nicely.

The only things I didn’t like about Red Velvet were the plot holes and at times the acting. I can’t really discuss the gigantic plot hole in this movie without spoiling the twist but I can say that after both of my viewings I still had the same nagging questions that left a huge negative effect on me. Also, the acting isn’t that bad at all but when it’s 2 A.M in the morning and you're watching a flick with a killer who wears electronic bunny ears and a Polaroid on his head, you start to notice small things.

I know I’m beating a dead horse when I say this but the genre needs more original entries like Red Velvet. Sure it has a gigantic plot hole that will confuse the fuck out you but in the end it all boils down to did you enjoy the movie or not and I sure did. It feels like a perverse dream turned into a movie and I foresee it gathering a big cult following in the forthcoming years and I have to say I’ll be there celebrating with some delicious red velvet birthday cake.

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